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Green hydrogen is produced by breaking the water molecule, the formula of water is H2O, which is separated from water through electrolysis using an electrolyser. This hydrogen is then used as fuel, which is a clean fuel for electrolysis. For example, renewable energy

_Solar energy

_Wind energy

_Hydro energy

If it is used, now the question is how will this help in zero carbon emission. Till now, the use of fossil fuel, i.e., cool oil and natural gas, is happening on a large scale in sectors like petroleum refining, transportation, steel, aviation shipping, where carbon is initially produced in large quantities, so green hydrogen contains potassium which can replace fossil fuel. Therefore, the government has set a target of producing 5 million metric tons of green hydrogen products every year by 2030 and it is so heavy that it can replace fossil fuel. The government has also allocated a budget of Rs. 600 crore for the production in quantity. So till here if you have understood what green hydrogen is? And how will it be used as an alternative to fossil fuel.


The government also has a target of producing 5 million metric tons every year, which means the demand is going to be very huge in the coming days. So now let us talk about those things which are related to green hydrogen but before going there, let us understand its components that in green hydrogen production, electrolyzer is used and from where does the electrolyzer get its energy? It is obtained from renewable energy. So renewable energy and electrolyzer are 2 important components. We will talk about electrolysis related stock which works in electrolyzer production if we talk about India. to electrolyzer manufacturing.


1- Reliance

Best green hydrogen stock
Green hydrogen mission india
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Reliance is moving rapidly towards its mission of net zero carbon by 2035. Reliance has invested 75000 cr. We have invested in our new energy business, i.e., solar, wind, green hydrogen fuel cell and battery. And Reliance will also get subsidy of up to 4440 million rupees per year from the government for electrolyzer manufacturing. Reliance will install up to 300 Megawatt per year capacity. Another investment of Rs. 60000 crores is being made for manufacturing new energy components in which electrolyzer is also an important component of electrolyzer production.


2 - Advait Infratech

Advait Infratech is in diversified business but only.  I will talk about electrolyzer manufacturing business. The company has developed 250 megawatt capacity and has got subsidy of 100 megawatt capacity per year from the government. And maximum incentive of Rs 148 crore per year will be given now. Let us talk about orderbook, said the company Rajesh Power Service  In collaboration with a private limited company which is not a listed company, a 100 Mega Watt project has been taken up whose value is Rs. 140 crores

3- LNT

LNT works in electrolyzer manufacturing business through its free LNT electrolyzer limited.  The company has taken its first step in green hydrogen through its green hydrogen plant. An incentive of Rs. 93 crore per year has also been allocated from the government, through which the company will produce up to 63 Mega watt capacity per year. The company has planned to have a capacity of Rs. 500-600 crore for electrolyzer manufacturing. This update was given in the company’s Q3 2014 report. This is the stock which is directly involved in electrolyte manufacturing and has also received incentive from the Government. So, there is no recommendation to buy or sell. Simply, we have taken the name of mentioning the share which is doing work from the government. There are some stocks which also do supportive work.  It is also important to know about them in electrolyzer manufacturing.

4 – Gujarat fluoro chemical

As you know, electrolyzer is used to convert renewable energy into green hydrogen.  So fluoro polymer which is a chemical is used for the functioning of electrolyzer, this fluoro polymer contains proton exchange membrane which works as an age hurtor for the electrolyzer and this company is developing the proton exchange membrane.  So that we can take advantage of the growing divine of green hydrogen and vote for it, yes proxy player, we know proxy players keep earning a lot of money.

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